Sensory Overload!

I've started the following post about half a dozen times.  It's been easy to write in the sense that the words have come easily but, as you will see, actually writing the post has been hard. I've lost over 3 copies and had interruptions and problems, with family being here, finding time to myself.  So … Continue reading Sensory Overload!


Wings and Wheels

Sunday saw me heading down to Dunsfold aerodrome for Wings and Wheels. As if explained before I'd not so much been looking forward to it, rather worrying but thankfully nothing beforehand went wrong so mobility scooter dismantled and packed and emergency kit supplemented with 2 bottles of icy water and a cold water spray (and … Continue reading Wings and Wheels

My emergency kit bag!!

I never thought that at the age of 38 without a baby that I'd be packing a bag of essentials to carry around with me. Unfortunately with the "unspeakable problem" screaming so loudly at the moment I've had to create my emergency kit so that whenever I go out for more than a few hours … Continue reading My emergency kit bag!!

Plant delivery on a mobility scooter!!!

I've been thinking long and hard about what to write. I have realised that much as I want to keep up with my blog on the whole my life just isn't that interesting!!! However yesterday after looking back my trip to the garden centre was actually quite amusing, although it may not be so much … Continue reading Plant delivery on a mobility scooter!!!

Blood pooling, and pregnancy looking swellings .

On the whole I avoid contact with mirrors and cameras, they are evil things that show up the slightest of floors. I even only look at the bit I'm doing in a mirror on those rare occasions I wear make-up, I've perfected the just looking at an eye or my lips and not seeing my … Continue reading Blood pooling, and pregnancy looking swellings .

A mass of contradictions!!!

So it struck me again this afternoon what a mass of contradictions I really am!! I was sat doing a jigsaw puzzle (another one of the things that eds has curtailed, but more about that later!!) watching first the end of Le Mans 24 hour race and following that one of the top gear specials!!! … Continue reading A mass of contradictions!!!

Fathers day.

As always happens with my blog posts I started thinking about one post and ended up writing something totally different!! Anyone who knows me knows that I have a rather strange relationship with my dad. He is a real grumpy old man and moans constantly about me and my things (equipment for my disability and … Continue reading Fathers day.

Feeling hot!!!

I couldn't decide the topic for my post today, yesterday I'd gone through the internal battle I have when I buy anything so thought I'd share that but when I came to start to write an overwhelming force took hold and so today I'm going to write about that instead. I shall save my purchases … Continue reading Feeling hot!!!

You wait a whole year for a blog post and two come along at once!!

When I wrote earlier I didn't expect to be writing again so soon.........but here I am!!! I forgot when I posted that although I'm geeky in many ways  (liking Star Trek and sci-fi ) I forgot that ─Ćoesnt extend to technology.  My total ineptitude when it comes to technology lead to me merrily sharing away … Continue reading You wait a whole year for a blog post and two come along at once!!