Plant delivery on a mobility scooter!!!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to write. I have realised that much as I want to keep up with my blog on the whole my life just isn’t that interesting!!! However yesterday after looking back my trip to the garden centre was actually quite amusing, although it may not be so much to read!!!  Mum and I decided to go out for a bit just to get some fresh air so we went up to the garden centre which is actually just a 20 min ish trip up the road with me on my scooter and mum walking. It isn’t the easiest trip, the pavements are broken up and the drop kerbs aren’t great either but it gets us out of the house!!! Now it could be the trip up that stood out as funny to me as I’m driving my scooter whilst dizzy (as my POTS is playing up in the heat) and trying not to pass out I should imagine that would probably look rather amusing to an outsider.  Also I have to say the gentleman who let us cross in front of him must’ve had a giggle when I raised my hand to thank him and almost ran into my mum. But nope none of those were the particularly funny event that stood out to me. 

What did stand out was out trip back. Mum saw a couple of plants that she liked and as we’ve taken ones home before we thought no problems. They’re not heavy so my scooter can carry them easily. We put one in the front in my basket and one on my footplate. Now had they been smaller plants it wouldn’t have looked so funny but there was a nice long stemmed something or other in the front, mum carrying another long stemmed plant, and a smaller one with long shoots balanced between my feet (you can tell I’m a really good gardener can’t you…..not!!) It must’ve looked rather funny riding down the road with 2 plants balanced on my scooter.  Soil was even coming out of the one in the basket thankfully we had a tissue to put under it or I think I would have arrived home with a handbag full of soil and a plant with none in!!!! Apart from the fact that I hate photos I wish I’d taken one of me because I can only imagine what it looked like.

What I will say is that if I ever had dillusions that my mobility scooter could be used as a delivery vehicle I was very sadly mistaken, a mobility scooter does not transport plants (or much else really) well!!! 

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