When the crafty bug hits………again!!

Yes I started this post months ago and so yet again it seems a bit odd, but rather than re-write the whole thing I thought it best to just add to it. Unfortunately I added to it at a couple of points and then ended up not being able to finish!!  I hope it’s not too bitty and that you can make some sense of it.

Yes the crafty bug has hit again, after my birthday when I got some crafty bits from people and also with cake requests. I also haven’t updated a lot since Christmas on the other crafty bits I had been doing because I hadn’t been photographing them. I have however been doing a lot of research and watching videos, reading blogs, reading articles and anything else I can do make those photographs better. I am not a professional photographer, I don’t have a DSLR camera I have a small compact camera and although I was bought a small photography tent for Christmas last year I haven’t got around to using it. I actually started this post nearly 4 months ago, intending to fill you in on what I’ve been doing. But unfortunately I haven’t been able to take my photographs yet (although I did try before all my research and looked at them and thought they were so so boring) and so my crafty pile of finished projects has got bigger and the task of photographing them has got larger too!! So hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I can add the photos here and then you will see this post!!

These are some of the photos of the mess I made while trying to photograph everything, and a couple of playing about ones which I though might make you smile!!!

So anyway when the crafty bug hits though it sets off the inevitable wrestling match between my brain and my body. My brain has lots of ideas flowing and lots of things that I want to try, but my body decides how much it will let me do and for how long I can keep going. It’s frustrating, even sitting upright for a long spell can cause hot sweats and my POTS to go mad so doing much is impossible. These photo’s show you how just a small amount of extra makes me feel, as you can hopefully see it’s rather a lot of effort for a small amount of productivity!!!

My pocket doesn’t always keep up with my ideas either and I can’t always afford the things I need. It’s even more frustrating because if I see something and have an idea for using it I will often buy it (money allowing) because I know if I leave it I will forget it. Unfortunately though they often sit there for months because I concentrate on one craft for a while, or am not well enough to get other things out and do for long enough to make it worth the effort of having someone sort it all out for me. It leads to the inevitable conclusion that I am simply a crafting hoarder and that I have a lot of things I will never use, but in my head it’s not that it’s simply that I haven’t got around to using them yet!!! I came across a meme a while ago that made me giggle and fits this situation well………

crafting quote

So firstly I’ll start with the cake’s it was the last thing I did out of all of them but it’s one of the hardest to complete. It was my friends daughter’s birthday, she loves football. I do love doing cake decorating, it’s one of my favourite hobbies. It’s not one that I can do very often though, 1. because I can’t cope with working for long on it and 2. because I now have to have so so much help to do them. This time it was even harder, because our oven broke over Christmas and wasn’t getting to the right temperature. Normally I have my mum helping me to bake (and decorate) the cakes but this time my sister baked the first cake for me. It was a great help and meant that I didn’t wear myself out doing that first before then starting decorating!!



I then have been doing a LOT of crochet, I started with a few kits and it built as one of my lovely friends sent me a couple of kits that she’d bought from Aldi or Lidl (can’t remember which) and we don’t have either near enough for me to use. Then another friend bought me a couple of kits from the other one (Aldi or Lidl), one thing lead to another and I’ve now got a LOT of them. I will get round to doing them all, it is just a matter of when!! So these are the crochet things, and hopefully you will like the new style photographs that have caused me so much anguish!!


So, what do you think? Have you any photography tips for me? Are these photos better than my others were? What do you think of the crafting? What do you think I should try next? Have you tried any of these kits? I am thinking of doing some crafting hints and tips, or how to’s. Would you be interested in those? If so what things would you like me to cover? Please please let me know below.


I’ve also signed up for an affiliates programme.  It’s with the complete care shop online and is where I get a good number of my disability equipment from.  When I buy new products from them or see something that I think would help I’ll post them on here, for now here’s my link.  I will get a small bonus for every purchase you make through my link but I cannot be held responsible for any issues or problems that arise through this or any purchase you make.  https://www.completecareshop.co.uk/?a_aid=5b49c471016bd

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