How a thoughtless act can ruin a trip out

Yet again it’s been a long time between blog posts, yet again I feel I have to apologise. I’ve been getting a lot of writers block recently and my mental health has taken a bit of a nose dive, these two things have clubbed together to make me feel very disillusioned with blogging. I’ve felt that I’ve been trying hard for so long with trying to get my blog seen and built up, and yes I’ve got a fair number of followers but I’ve been lacking the engagement that you need. I’ve also found the numbers that read each post have been going down, these have lead to me questioning whether my writing is good enough, whether I’m interesting enough or if I’m just wasting my time. I know that I’m not going to be a viral blogger and that the views and income of some of these people are just not within my reach (and I don’t know if I could cope with the pressure and keep up with the posting etc) but I would like to have some more, and some more comments etc. I would like to go self hosted at some stage, but that is not doable until I get better numbers!! Anyway, I thought that I should explain why I’ve not been posting again. I hope you understand and will continue to support me.

So onto the post……

Vandalism is a thoughtless act, it is often something which people do because they are bored. No thought goes into it, and some people think that it’s a victimless crime because they can’t see the people who it affects. However it does have victims and often in a way which no one would think of. We went out recently and fell foul of one of these acts.

We had planned to go on a trip to the Bluebell Railway, a local vintage line near us, we’ve been a number of times because it has great disabled access. Normally it’s actually better than some mainline modern railways. You can get from platform to platform at the lowered ends (although if in a manual chair like me it can be a bit hard work on the steep bits) and they have a great disabled carriage with a lift onto the train. However this time when we got there we were told that it had been vandalised and was out of service because of it. Unfortunately the only other access to the trains is onto the brake vans (or guard van I’m not sure which they said) which with both travel sickness and claustrophobia I need to have an open and unrestricted position (facing the way the train is travelling!!) so decided to stay on the platform while the others went on the train. As a guide this is what one of the vans looks like…….

Image result for bluebell railway guard van

Without upsetting someone, no one could wait with me so I opted to stay, writing a couple of blog posts (this one and another which I hope to publish soon if I can pick myself up a bit) and listening to music.

So that one thoughtless supposedly “victimless” crime of vandalising the train stopped my full enjoyment of a day out. Instead of being with my family on an enjoyable day out, I was sat on my own writing. There are no victimless crimes in my mind anyway, someone always will be inconvenienced or have to pay to put things right. So even if you cannot see the victim, there most certainly will be. The Bluebell Railway is staffed by a lot of volunteers who work extremely hard. They have lovingly restored the trains the use, and raised a lot of money to get the lifts installed and to convert the carriages that disabled people like me rely on to access the trains. It really does take it’s toll on the whole place and left me not able to enjoy the day as much as I should have. I have to say though that I didn’t have an uneventful time! 2 people fell over, one taken to hospital in an ambulance with a suspected broken arm and one who fell right next to me but thankfully wasn’t hurt just shaken up. It sill amazes me though when someone falls or hurts themselves like this (the second was in the doorway of the pub) that so many people still want to push past them. There were so many people who were looking at ways of stepping over the poor woman sat on the floor catching her breath and recovering a bit before standing, even when she was lying down they were. It’s not as if there wasn’t another entrance which was only just round the corner not far and not too much of an inconvenience really, but seriously what is it with people? Have people lost compassion or is getting somewhere a few seconds sooner or inconveniencing themselves become so hard that someone can’t think that if it was themselves on the ground they wouldn’t want people doing that to them?

So instead of me taking Zena on an adventure my niece did, here’s some snaps that she took of what they did together.


As I said at the beginning this is one of a couple of posts I wrote while I was sat waiting for everyone. However my mental health has taken another bit of a nose-dive (and it wasn’t very good anyway) so I’ve been struggling to write and finish off posts. I still have about 16 or so that I’ve either started or had an idea for and mapped out a bit of a plan for, but haven’t been able to finish them. I am hoping that now the school holidays have finished I will at least have a bit more time to dedicate to them, but it will depend on when different appointments come up!! I will try and update you with where those are going too!!

So have you had something like this happen to you? Have you had a trip spoiled by some vandalism or something else? Let me know below.

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They aren’t very wide, I have had to use 2 here on my standard single bed to cover the width of my mattress (this is personal preference as I couldn’t have the wedge in the middle and the mattress hanging over the sides, you would get the same effect with one but my OCD won’t let me do that!!!) Here’s the link to this……………..

8 thoughts on “How a thoughtless act can ruin a trip out

  1. Love it – if you’re a fan of trains I can recommend the Bo’Ness and Kinneil railway near Falkirk in Scotland – they have a coach with the majority of the seats removed to make room for wheelchairs and I mean like a huge open space with great views out and they also have ramp access and very helpful volunteeers running the place.

    They even let you get off the train at the end of the line if you wish to see the locomotive being run back and coupled to the other end of the train for the return journey.- my photos from my visit are at

    I can relate to your observation on people falling and others just stepping over them – I have experienced this myself when I used to get around on crutches – I once fell in the entrance of a petrol station and had people stepping over me to get out rather than waiting or, heaven forbid, trying to help.

    Indirectly I have had a trip home ruined because of vandals – back in 2016 when I used a powerchair because I wasn’t allowed to drive I was headed home after a speech therapy session and got to the train station only to find the lift to get to the platform I needed had been locked to prevent vandalism. I wondered what to do and then saw a help button so I pressed that and it connected me to a control room somewhere and once I’d explained the situation they got a WAV taxi to pick me up and take me home. So not exactly ruined but not the journey I was supposed to have had either.

  2. So sorry to hear your day out didn’t do to plan, I never understood the point of vandalising things or why people do it. Unfortunately kids/young people have so little to do out of the house and just don’t seem to be able to entertain themselves now!

    I could sound like such a grumpy old woman on this topic, ranting on about how people don’t respect each other, care about others, litter, damaging property/people for fun, the list goes on and are all reasons my anxiety is so high when I leave the house now. But there are still people out there who do care, will take the time to help a stranger, there’s hope for the human race still 😉


      1. It baffles me that they can’t entertain themselves….I used to enjoy making mud pies, building forts, riding my bike/rollerskates, using my imagination and all sorts of things that didn’t involve getting into trouble (much lol) or needing a load of things to entertain me. Mind you I always had the “if I do something wrong someone will tell my parents” or I’d get in trouble fear, that so many people don’t have now!
        Don’t lose hope about people helping others, I’ve had the occasional kind person ask me and I know I help others when I see a need and always will do if I can!

  3. I find this really upsetting. I’m sorry you didn’t get to enjoy your day!
    I used to visit the Bluebell railway as a kid with family including my disabled cousin, so I know how inclusive it is there. I agree completely there is never a fully victimless crime. I hope that you’ll be able to visit again soon!

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