I am an expert in….me!!

I am not an expert on many things, in fact I am actually an expert on very little. Having never lived alone I can't run a house, I'd have no clue how to buy or sell a home and how to go about sorting out and paying for it. I have a pretty poor sense … Continue reading I am an expert in….me!!

Anxiety, me and what it feels like

So today I want to talk about anxiety. I have suffered with anxiety for so long I don't actually remember what life is like without it. Anxiety is one of the reasons too that I've been struggling again to write. I have been really feeling as though people would only read my writing if it … Continue reading Anxiety, me and what it feels like

When isolation becomes the norm…

This post is one of the 22 I've had sitting ready to finish.  I wanted to finish it now, mainly because it's happening again, I'm unable to go out as an issue with my mobility scooter is isolating me again and although last weekend I had a great trip to London (a birthday treat that … Continue reading When isolation becomes the norm…

Why we need to change our perception of Autism

As you may have noticed I've been absent for a few months again now.  I've been struggling with both what to write, and with my own health and mental health.  I'm hoping that I can start again fresh now it's the new year, I will rewrite some of the posts I've had sitting waiting and … Continue reading Why we need to change our perception of Autism

How a thoughtless act can ruin a trip out

Yet again it's been a long time between blog posts, yet again I feel I have to apologise. I've been getting a lot of writers block recently and my mental health has taken a bit of a nose dive, these two things have clubbed together to make me feel very disillusioned with blogging. I've felt … Continue reading How a thoughtless act can ruin a trip out

When the crafty bug hits………again!!

Yes I started this post months ago and so yet again it seems a bit odd, but rather than re-write the whole thing I thought it best to just add to it. Unfortunately I added to it at a couple of points and then ended up not being able to finish!!  I hope it's not … Continue reading When the crafty bug hits………again!!

Meet my new mascot & the life of a grown up fiddler!!

Firstly this post has been written for a few weeks now, just waiting for photos which I took the other day.  Unfortunately my brain fog, summer holidays and severe writers block has left me with no posts to update you with!!  I'm hoping that I might be able to remedy this over the next few … Continue reading Meet my new mascot & the life of a grown up fiddler!!

When your body is shouting stop, what would you do?

Firstly I yet again have to start with an apology for the lack of posts. I had a couple of posts ready to go but without photo's before I went into hospital, but didn't want to just find photo's to use I wanted to have taken them myself (the found photos weren't quite right for … Continue reading When your body is shouting stop, what would you do?

Medical overload and operation stress!

Having a chronic illness or long term condition usually comes with the need to have many hospital and doctors appointments. You can sometimes get to know the staff so well that they know its you on the phone before you identify yourself, and treat you like a friend when you walk into the surgery etc. … Continue reading Medical overload and operation stress!

A plea for all

I today made a telephone call! Ok so to a lot of people this is not a big deal but to me these cause a huge panic. It starts when I decide I need to make the call, usually this is a last minute decision because if I have time to think about it for … Continue reading A plea for all