Wings and Wheels

Sunday saw me heading down to Dunsfold aerodrome for Wings and Wheels. As if explained before I’d not so much been looking forward to it, rather worrying but thankfully nothing beforehand went wrong so mobility scooter dismantled and packed and emergency kit supplemented with 2 bottles of icy water and a cold water spray (and camera and suntan lotion) we set off. Thankfully all talk of queues and traffic was greatly exaggerated and we had a fairly easy trip down, disabled parking was close to entrance so we were set.  Now I will say that being short myself I know the problems, but you have to laugh when you’re asked to go to the “colleague over by the car” and your uncle can’t see her. It might have been a better idea to not put the shortest person on staff to help park the disabled cars  (which on the whole are bigger than usual ones) yet the poor girl could barely see over the top of a normal small car!!! My usual problems with giving followable directions (so my dad could come and set the scooter up) lead to me telling dad that we were parked near the blue basket thingy on a crane (cherry picker) so a funny few minutes ensued with dad looking blankly around while I was trying to get my uncle to get out of the car so that dad could see us. Surprisingly he found the car and they put the scooter together and after waiting less than a minute in the queue to get in (as we’d pre-booked tickets) we were finally there!!

We spent a while looking around the stalls and I even managed to get myself a golden snitch spinner that I’d been looking at for ages but had thought them too expensive. 

Ok not your normal purchase at a car and plane show, but since when did I do the “normal”?? I merrily snapped away at cars galore (370 pictures on my camera and more on my phone!!) wishing that I could actually afford (or get into) some of the amazing cars on show, I was in my element. We then found a fab quiet place to set up camp by the show track (the runway) so we could watch the cars and planes doing their thing. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a disabled loo, I’m sure there was one but being porta-loos I couldnt get my mobility scooter in and my mum to help me so the unspeakable problem was a nightmare all day with me panicking that I had a fug of urine smell following me around all day and sure that everyone could see the wet. I had a couple of bed pads with me so I sat on a folded one which at least helped. But nothing could take away from the unbelievable show.

From the supercars to older models, war planes to jets it was a spectacle. I switched between amazement at the tricks to sheer terror that they were going to crash in the blink of an eye but from the red arrows and blades display teams to the spitfire and tornado planes the pilots were all completely amazing, fabulous and any other adjectives I can think of to say how totally awesome the show was. We didn’t actually take in the complete show, not getting to the military zone because mobility scooters do not cope well with uneven terrain and rather than risk it I was more than happy to stay watching the cars and planes. We did however learn a few lessons which we will remember for next year when we’re hoping to go again.

1. Take a picnic and LOTS of cold drinks if you can’t afford show prices (especially if it’s as nice a day as it was then). We did have a yummy roasted pork and stuffing bap which at £6 each wasn’t extortionate, but with 6 of us to feed it did get a little much.

2. Take seats and find a good spot early on. Then you can go off and look at all the zones but you know you’ve got a good place to see the show.

3. Plan your time, we ran out of time too to be able to see everything we wanted to. Make sure you prioritise, we couldn’t choose between watching what was going on on the track and sky and viewing the zones and stalls.

4. Save up!! If you l, like me, are on a tight budget make sure you put aside money so that isn’t a factor in deciding what you do. Most things weren’t too expensive but added up was a little much for me. But now I know I can save up beforehand and shpuld be able to make the most if the day.

5. Enjoy it. Don’t worry that people are looking at you they aren’t, I don’t think, bothered!! I was so worried all day that people could tell that I was incontinent where as actually I doubt they even noticed me.
We stayed to the end of the shows, but not the evening entertaimment. It did take me and my uncle over an hour and a half (I think) just to get out of the showground and home. But I definitely enjoyed it and will definitely want to go again. My favourite part was probably the red arrows and blades display teams despite how much they scared me. I definitely needed down time after to recover as I was exhausted, my POTS had bothered me all day and my brain fog was so bad I could barely concentrate, my new fidget spinner came in useful straight away as it was a good relaxing activity that evening (when I wasnt dropping off to sleep that is). The worst part for me was the unspeakable problem as it was a huge problem for me all day, I just hope that by next time I go I’ve got a more permanent solution to it so it’s not an issue.

Hope you enjoy some of my photos from the day……


17 thoughts on “Wings and Wheels

  1. I am so pleased to read that you had a fabulous day. It was a shame we couldn’t make it ourselves but Will definately arrange for next year if we can. I hope that some of the tips I sent helped you get through the day.

  2. Amazing photos! Glad to hear you had a good day. That snitch spinner is so cool. I’ve been looking at spinners but wasn’t sure if they actually help with relaxing or calm anxiety.

    1. They really help me as I keep flicking them and stopping them it just keeps my fingers busy. They aren’t too heavy or hard to use as my grip and fingers are so bad I can’t do some things but these and fiddle cubes work well!!

  3. Super cool!! I went to something similar (Goodwood Festival of Speed) a few years ago:) it’s so much fun watching fast cars and planes isn’t it!! Glad you had a good time, thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my gosh we have something like this in Vegas and I can’t remember for the life of me what it is called! I have never thought of going to this or Nascar because for some reason I thought it would be really noisy and my ears would complain haha. You didn’t seem to say it was overly loud. Was it?

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