My emergency kit bag!!

I never thought that at the age of 38 without a baby that I’d be packing a bag of essentials to carry around with me. Unfortunately with the “unspeakable problem” screaming so loudly at the moment I’ve had to create my emergency kit so that whenever I go out for more than a few hours together I can grab this and don’t have to make everyone wait while we make sure I’ve got all I need!!! I don’t intend this to be the final kit, it will be flexible and so if I think of anything else that I need or I need something more on certain trips I can put that in. So here’s my basic kit, and a few bits that will be interchangeable……

1. Number one is of course the bag. It’s got to be easy to get into, light, not too bulky and fit either on my wheelchair or scooter etc – 

I chose this bag because it’s waterproof. I wanted it to be waterproof because of what it’s being used for and to keep what’s inside dry too.  There wasn’t a huge amount of choice for one that wasn’t a child’s one, however found this one on eBay and it wasn’t a fortune to get because of course I’m not rich!!!

2. A waterproof mat, this is either for mum (or my carer etc) to kneel on when we’re in a toilet so that she’s not getting wet knees or is for my feet so my splints don’t get wet. There’s not a huge amount of choice here, huge camping tarpaulin or baby changing mat. I went for the latter as it’s more compact, folds, is slightly padded and the clincher for me it doesn’t look like a baby mat!! I know I need some essentials but that doesn’t mean I need it to look and feel like it’s a nappy changing bag!!! It might not be exciting but here’s my mat…..

3. Boxes of wipes, nappy bags and plastic gloves. The best I could get for these have unfortunate stickers on which I intend to replace ASAP!! 

Unfortunately with my OCD comes an aversion to toilets, so to counter this and when I need help changing I think it’s nicer for whoever helps me to have the option of gloves. Wipes speak for themselves, except to say that as I have issues with allergies (mast cell issues) I use Waterwipes ( which I find are much kinder to my skin and better for allergies. I use nappy bags in case they don’t have a proper disposal bin and they’re good to have on hand anyways!!

4. We now come onto the bane of my life, incontinence pads. Despite not having the correct size/shape yet I carry at least a couple of pads around.  Not a lot else to say except I do keep these in a clean sandwich bag, this keeps them dry and clean and also easy to find. 

5. Next is a change of knickers and leggings, I have these in a separate waterproof bag and have a small carrier bag in as this allows me to keep my wet clothes seperate and I can easily get them out to wash when I get home. 

6. Then we have the inevitable meds that I need to make sure I have with me. I swear I take so many daily meds that if you shook me I’d rattle, but I do need pain killers and also migraine ones too just in case I’m out when I get my warning signs.

7. I also have to take a salty snack around with me. When my POTS hits it makes me feel dizzy and sick and I am not and sweaty!!! Having salt helps a bit so as I don’t like just salt on its own i carry some salty beans to give me that quick hit when I need it!!

So that comes to the end of the basic kit. If it’s hot I take a cold water spray with me and I often take a bottle of cold water too (usually wherever I go!!). If I’m going to be left for a while I take my book and if it’s going to be busy I might take my fiddle toy. 

So do you have an emergency kit?? Or is there perhaps something that you can’t leave the house without having with you?? Why not leave me a comment and let me know??

19 thoughts on “My emergency kit bag!!

  1. I’m glad you’ve figured out a system that makes it easier for you to get out and about:) I have to take my allergy meds March through September, because I have really bad hayfever…And I recently found out I have exercise-induced asthma! So I take my inhaler with me when I exercise, and also if I think pollen is bad! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I must confess I actually don’t have an emergency kit which is a problem but I certainly need one. I like that you carry wipes, I am the same with public toilets and always struggle using them

  3. I really didn’t have an emergency kit bag when I was pregnant with my daughter but yes, that’s a brilliant idea, at least, hopefully you won’t forget any of the essentials 🙂

  4. My friends always joke that I am too organised – I am the one that carries a first aid kit, drinks, snacks and a change of clothes. Its surprising how often its been needed though

  5. This is really organised! I’m sure this will be helpful for lots of people! It must be super handy having that kit with you to make you feel more able to go out and about 🙂

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