Happy Christmas 

Happy Christmas to all of you lovely people who’ve take the time to read my blog this year. I’ve been so grateful to each and every one of you. When I first started writing I felt as though I was writing for myself only, I know that I haven’t got a huge following but I appreciate every one of you who take the time each time I post to read my ramblings. If I can help just one person with my posts about my health issues and my strange body then I believe it’s worthwhile. Please continue to engage and comment on my posts and feel free to share any comments you have one any of them. I welcome feedback (as long as it’s constructive criticism then yes that means negative too) and love reading your comments.

So that’s the nicer bit!! I have to say that it might be Christmas day but I have to admit I’ve never felt less Christmas spirit in my life. For some of the reasons covered in my blogmas post but then yesterday my catheter stopped draining properly and I ended up having the district nurses out. 4 catheters and 2 hours later I had no catheter in and I was having to spend the night with a spasming bladder being fully incontinent again. Merry Christmas to me. This morning, they said last night, I’d be an urgent call to retry putting my catheter in. Phone call this morning from them they decided that no my painful bladder spasms and the fact that I should have a catheter in but haven’t isn’t an emergency so they’ll be here “at some time” today. What’s the betting it’s in the middle of lunch or at a completely inconvenient time, ruining Christmas?? Well if it was up to me if have had the supra-pubic and be done with it but the way I’m feeling today they could rip out the whole lot and if be happier!!! 

So we’ll see what happens. I hope you all have happy Christmases and that you are pain free and happy. 

Love and hugs

Oh before I forget, I added to the hand knitted Christmas elves…..we now have Mr and Mrs Claus knitted by me.

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