Is there anybody out there??

After trying and failing a couple of times now I am again hoping to make this work.  I feel deflated that no one read my previous posts but lets hope!!

Anyway I have thought long and hard about what topics to cover especially in my first few posts, I thought about doing an A to Z of my symptoms and how they affect me, I thought that it might be good to review my equipment (the bits that dad has allowed) or that my fun with getting support or housing or my on going medical dramas may be good.  But much as I can write about them I decided that for this first one at least, and maybe the first few, I would just explain about where I am in my life and what is going on.  That way hopefully some of you might get interested!!!

So this is me, I’m 38 and have Hypermobility EDS.  I also have an underactive thyroid, PCOS, POTS, Fibromyalgia, Carpel Tunnel and chronic Tendinitis in both wrists, Arthritis and I have just had my Gallbladder removed.  As if this wasn’t enough I have a number of other issues which I am sure will come out over the course of me writing but all of which have also meant that I have suffered with Depression and Anxiety for longer than I can recall clearly!!

Day to day it is hard, as anyone living with a long term condition knows, I currently live at home with my parents as my mum is my main carer and who I can’t be without.  I am on the council list but after over 4 years on the list the two places I’ve been shown were totally wrong for me as they weren’t accessible, but I shall save that for another post.

I hope that my first post again hasn’t bored anyone that reads it, but for now I shall sign off with a hope that someone reads this and that those who do have a good and pain free day!!

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