You wait a whole year for a blog post and two come along at once!!

When I wrote earlier I didn’t expect to be writing again so soon………but here I am!!! I forgot when I posted that although I’m geeky in many ways  (liking Star Trek and sci-fi ) I forgot that ďoesnt extend to technology.  My total ineptitude when it comes to technology lead to me merrily sharing away hoping to get someone to read my musings but having not published it properly and despite adding a link to the post no one could see it. A lot of head scratching and downloading the WordPress app and I found my long post happily sitting there waiting to be published!!! Doh!!! 

Anyways so I decided to then decopatch the box that I’ve had sat waiting for months to do. I got all the things out and started, forgetting that as it’s a hot day sitting upright leads to POTS symptoms. Also doing anything like this takes a lot out of me and my hands and my shoulders allowed me to do the lid and no more. I’m now lead out on the sofa waiting for my symptoms to subside……… of the many many downsides of EDS, POTS, fatigue, Carpal tunnel syndrome and long term conditions like them!!! 

Hopefully I’ll actually publish this post correctly!!!

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