A Chewy Habit!

With sensory processing disorder comes the need to fiddle, chew, or do other stimming activities. As an adult this can be hard as I will explain in another post, but I recently came across a company called “chewigem” who have come up with some wonderful products to help with some of these. I was lucky enough to be sent two to try for free and they’ve helped more than I thought they would (please note that although I was given these products to try for free all the opinions are my own and I received nothing else in compensation for this review).

Firstly I thought that I hadn’t really got a major chewing need. Then looking back recently we realised that after chewing through all my school jumpers and sucking my thumb (in private at home) until my late 20’s (OK I still sometimes do when I am very stressed), that actually I might actually have that need too. I also didn’t think that having something to actually chew would provide the same sensation that sucking or chewing my thumb has, but I was pleased to actually find that it did!

I was asked which products I wanted to try and after careful consideration of all the wonderful chewing products I came up with a “button necklace” in a colour combo called “disco” and a bracelet called a “Bermuda” which came in a lovely pink colour called “shock”.

The website is great too. It’s very clear and has good information to help you make a good decision depending on what you want from a product. You see I don’t always need to suck or chew, more often I need to fiddle or I rub my lips with something and both of these products are great for that. Both of the products I chose are a good fiddler product too. The website has a range of criteria that it rates its products on and uses a clear scale to help you choose the product that is right for your needs. For example this is the scale for the button necklace:


This is really good for people like me who weren’t sure which ones to try. The website seems to be geared towards people who have stimming needs and so everything is set out to help you make the most from your chosen products. The products when they arrive are really nicely packed, they are in individual zip lockable bags which are great to keep your products clean (a big must for chewing because the last thing you want to do, especially if you are giving these to your children, is have a dirty chewy). The packages are fairly geared towards children with the logo on them but I don’t really mind that as it’s still a nice pack. They also have a subscription service which I could see that if your needs are specifically chewing related then this would be a great help to provide you with a regular supply of chewing products.

So to my products….

The Button Necklace


It is a good substantial thickness of coin, and a good size for your hand (even if you have small hands like mine) The product description is

This CHEWIGEM® is classic button disc shape, stylish and sophisticated for any young child or teen, but also quite neutral and suitable for males, especially if you cut the cord length. If you imagine putting your thumb into a dod of play doh, that is the shape, thicker at the edges and about 2 inches across. This is a robust chew suitable for more aggressive chewers

I found this quite thick for me, I think that as I’m not a particularly aggressive chewer I didn’t need it to be quite this thick. I went more for the aesthetics and just loved how pretty this looked for me!!! It was colours I really like too. For more casual chewers or suckers like me I think that I might prefer one of the smaller or thinner ones in the long term. However I did actually get a great deal of satisfaction from simply playing with this, and so on the fiddler side it’s great. The cord is a nice silky texture and added to the fiddle for me. It would look really nice as a necklace and people wouldn’t really notice that this was a “stimming toy” instead it looks like a nice fun necklace. I was really pleased with this, however I didn’t keep it for long as my niece has lost her chewing toy and so as her need was greater than mine I gave it to her. She has a very aggressive chewing need and bites strongly when she gets angry, this is substantial enough and gives enough feedback for her to meet her needs really well too and she’s really happy with it. She absolutely loves these and I have a feeling that my sister will be buying her many, many more in the future!!


The Bermuda bracelet

I was very surprised with the bracelet, it looks great and you cannot tell that this is a stimming or fiddle toy at all. It’s a good size and fits my wrists and hands (when I haven’t got my splints on) it provides a great level of feedback when biting and is good for sucking and also is lovely to fiddle with. This bracelet is an adult’s one and it looks like it, it’s not childish at all and as I said it just looks like normal jewellery. I think that my niece would have had this one off me too if it would fit her but as it’s an adult one it’s a little big for her (thankfully for me!!) Out of the two products this is my favourite, I love it as a bracelet and a chewer/sucker and a fiddler too. It looks good and works well, it should last a long time for me too especially as I don’t chew too aggressively. I also believe that as it’s got a medium durability rating that it should last well for most.

Overall I’m really pleased that I found the company, there are great products and they are reasonably priced. The website is good and easy to use. I love the products that I received and I’m sure I will order some in the future too. I have no problems in recommending that if you have a chewing, fiddling, stimming need that you check them out. You can find them at www.chewigem.co.uk

Hope you find them as good as I have.

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