Having a break!!

I haven’t managed to write a blog post for a bit now and thought I better give you an explanation. There are two reasons, firstly it’s the Easter holidays so I’ve not got the space or time to concentrate on writing. Secondly I had planned to have a number of finished posts ready so that I could just release them but as you’ll have seen if you read my previous posts I am having problems finishing them!!

So this will be a short and sweet post, hopefully you will all keep with me for a couple of weeks until I can get back into things. Family are round at the moment so I may well have more things to share. For the moment I thought I’d share that two of my blog posts have just been shared on The Mighty which brings my total now to four!! The Mighty is great for disability and chronic illness issues, it has wonderful articles and is written by individuals like me, take a look here to see what I mean.

My posts are found here…….



I hope you like the site and also my posts.

Anyway as I said I hope that I will have a few posts coming up soon when I get my mojo back. Hope you all got lots of chocolate for Easter, I was very sad and bought my own because I don’t usually get any (and yes I am that sad!!!)

Before I go I thought that I’d just share with you a problem that as a disabled person I come across regularly, that is people parking on the pavement. Mum and I went to the garden centre again to have a trip out, this is the only pavement (and the only way for us to get there without driving) because there isn’t one on the other side. We got a way up and then this is what we came across…….

No dropped curb so I couldn’t go on the road (which at this point is a 40mph busy main road) even if I wanted to. In a wheelchair it would have been impossible (without tipping), scooter was only just manageable by going right up to the car and on the muddy bit getting poked by the bush. Now you might not think about this because as an able bodied person you can squeeze past but buggies and wheelchairs are really difficult and sometimes impossible. Please just think before you park on the pavement and make sure that wheelchairs or pushchairs could safely get past, if not please don’t park!!

3 thoughts on “Having a break!!

  1. sheesh even just with my stick I’d have struggled with that gap and then only by leaning on the cars (possibly bumping them accidentally on purpose to hopefully set off their alarms and let them see what they had done).
    Hope you’ve had a nice easter too, you’re not the only one who bought their own egg lol.

  2. That’s the problem isn’t it?? Made it worse that the driveway of the house where these were parked had enough for 10 cars easily but was having work done and just didn’t want them in their way I think!!! Thoughtless! Glad I’m not the only one who bought their own egg though!!!

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