9 thoughts on “Too many thoughts and none of them finished!!

  1. LOVEEEEEE the new logo! just love it – and the new picture of you too. I’m so bad with names (could barely fins name for my kids:) ) so I am no help there. Your WIP look amazing – the baby chick? soooo cute.I hope the fog will disperse soon. Try not to stress too much about it, whatever you manage to do is amazing anyway, so take it as alow as you need. Hope you get to get out soon and that the weather is nice to you:)

  2. Love your post Kate! You must be frustrated on a daily basis (until you start daydreaming again 😉 and lose track of what you were planning on doing. Small consolation perhaps but you’re not alone because we’ve all belonged to the same club as you’re in right now.

  3. I can relate to many things in your posts, especially the brain fog, it sometimes ruins my life!
    The new logo is adorable! I really like its vibrant colors and design is so cute.

  4. I’ve had about 4 months of not being able to settle – I can 100% relate to this! You’re so good at origami… I used to be able to make a wee lotus out of a napkin but have completely lost the skill now, they always fall apart.

    Your new logo is amazing, she’s so cute! I’m rubbish at naming anything though, I always end up going for really outrageously old fashions names like Edna.. hahaha! She looks like Flo to me, Flo is super chilled name and I think she needs a relaxed name to remind us all to take time for ourselves!

    Hope the next week is more clear for you! Remember to give your brain a break if you can x

    Ysabelle xx

    1. Oh I love that idea, I like all the old fashioned names I think they’re lovely. Flo is cool though too. I might have to try a poll!! If I can that is. Thanks for your lovely comments xx

  5. Love your little zebra buddy Kate and even more so when you explained why she suits you and your blog!

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