Another year, same old problems!!

As predicted because I have now stopped and we have got back to normality, I have crashed.  My fatigue levels are so unbelievably high, made worse by the weather (I think) because it is so dark and grey all the time and so all I want to do is fall asleep.  The catheter continues to be an issue, it is leaking from the valve so I am having to wrap it to stop my leg from constantly being wet. I have emailed the company who supply my catheter equipment so I really am hoping that they will be able to give me a solution for this at least.  As usual when my fatigue is high, my brain fog is worse and I’m forgetting simple things.  I have had two weeks now since everyone went back to work and school and yet my fatigue continues, I fear that another trip to the doctors will be necessary but I’m not sure quite what she can do!!

So to my other issues, which again have arisen and yet again I cannot control.   Firstly is the wheelchair issue again.  As I think I’ve said before (although with my brain fog I might have told someone but not posted it on my blog, we will never know!) I thought I was getting somewhere with this again, my GP agreed with me that my mobility scooter is no longer meeting my needs.  She re-referred me to wheelchair services who, because I’m now at the top of the list for housing, started to proceed with my application.  I had phone calls (which as per usual were extremely difficult for me to cope with) with the wheelchair services who said that although they will progress my application, they cannot release any chair to me until they have done a home assessment and of course they cannot do a home assessment until I either move out and into somewhere that is completely accessible; or until we can adapt at home properly to meet my needs.  It’s the same thing again and again, I can’t do one thing until the other is sorted and I can’t do that until something else happens.  I feel like I am always on a one step forwards, two steps back and then another two back just to rub salt in the wound!!  It’s left me feeling rather down, and again looking at the pictures of the wheelchairs which I need but can’t afford, or qualify for.  I can no longer self propel as my hands are too bad and I am struggling to use my mobility scooter as I have said before.  It’s like I am stuck in a time loop.  I don’t know how to get out, housing have been quiet since the last time they offered me a totally unsuitable place which was last year. My other issues are the housing issues (with realistically not being able to move until after I’ve had my two operations), trying to sort out about getting the full time catheter so hopefully I can get on with my life and all the usual issues that life throws up!!  Let’s just hope that either some rich person reads my blog and wants to buy me all the adaptations and equipment I need or I win the lottery, which do you think is more likely?!?  I’m thinking that I will be stuck for a lot longer to come!!

So my wheelchair envy………

It’s like my petrol head self is rearing but with being disabled it’s also (as well as watching and hoping to go to motorsport events and races) being filtered into having wheelchair envy, they’re all so good!!  Can I have one that folds, or would I prefer it to tilt, the possibilities are endless!  But at the moment it is just that, wheelchair envy or hope!

So before I totally bum everyone out and turn you all off reading any more I have finished my first mini craft project of the year, the embroidery that I was doing.  I have also started another little one that my mum found, which was again from Molly Makes!  Hope you like them……..

First one finished.

Second one started

What do you think?  Which wheelchair would you choose?  Do you like my little craft projects?  What do you think will be next, can you guess what my next project will be?  I’d love to hear what you think.

31 thoughts on “Another year, same old problems!!

  1. Black Edition without doubt! When I get mine too we can have Petrol head wheelchair races 😁😁😁😁
    Who needs fast cars when we can race at 4mph – whoop whoop.

    And if I ever win the lottery, you will get not only the chair but a home too. And maybe a furry friend to help as well.

  2. The picture of the Black Edition is a Quickie Salsa M limited edition model. I had the same chair but the regular version in Red last year and it looks fantastic and goes well but don’t believe the range claims, or the claims that it can climb kerbs as it struggles to mount regular height kerbs. Also it shakes itself apart quite regularly and quickly – in the year i had mine I had to have the supplier out to repair it 4 times.

    Might have just been a one off but I wouldn’t have another.

    Fingers crossed for you, hope the home or adaptations can be sorted.

  3. I’m so sorry to read about your medical issues and issues with your wheelchair! Have to say though the cross stitching that you’ve made is really beautiful x
    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  4. First off, I love your embroidery, it’s beautiful. Im So sorry you’re going through all this trouble, it’s horrible when one thing can’t get done until something else happens. Hopefully there will come a time everything happens for you. And hopefully the catheter company can help You.

    Jordanne ||

  5. I hate that you’re in a cycle outside of your control. But I *love* that you can do such lovely crafts! I fancy the “Love” one.

    Here is a connection I did not make yet, you “petrol head,” my boys race what are called quarter midgets. {suddenly realizing I cannot make fun of “petrol head” if I’ve actually just typed “quarter midget!” Hahaha!

    Keep writing it out. Give that frustration a way out Kate!

    1. Thank you!! I do love that I’m a confusion and contradiction with my craft etc but also being a big motor sport fan, the way I get though with wheelchairs is exactly the same envy I get at seeing these beautiful sports cars too!!! Gotta love the weirdness!! Thanks for commenting xx

  6. I hope you keep finding the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. My heart goes out to you. And I love your cross-stitching work. It’s quite beautiful! For your next project, maybe latch-hook?

  7. I am so sorry to know that you are going through so many troubles at the same time. Sometimes, we tend to find our troubles bigger and worse than others, but I honestly get inspired by looking at you. I love your craft work and if it helps in giving you just a moment of happiness, then it is probably a bliss for you.

  8. Kate I learn so much from your post about staying positive and productive no matter what. I love your embroidery. I used to do those, and I really want to get back to it, so you are definitely an inspiration.

  9. Totally get that you feeling down with things seeming not to work out. Like you take a step forward and then five giant step backwards. Keep your head up, hon! It can only get better from here. I love the Black Edition, looks more sophisticated and your embroidery is beautiful too.

  10. I know nothing about wheelchairs but I love your crafts! Embroidery has always fascinated me, thought it looks really difficult. How long have you been doing it and where did you learn?

    1. I’ve done it for years but taught myself from books etc!! It’s good to start with simpler stitches and build up, it’s easy once you get the hang of it and there’s some beautiful stitches out there!!

      1. Maybe I need to just sit down and try again. I couldn’t get knitting either at first and now I do it really well. I’ll have to see what I can find. Thanks

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