New year’s eve

I’ve never enjoyed new years celebrations, it’s all about looking back and reminiscing about what’s happened in the year and looking forward to the next and all that will bring. Unfortunately for me it’s always been a long list of things to remind me of all that I don’t have and a look forward to things I can’t have or can’t do anything about. Even before my disability it wasn’t a great time for me, but now it’s even less so with a long list of issues which rise every week it’s just not a time I enjoy. I never make new years resolutions as I have long since learned that I don’t keep to them and that in itself makes me start the year thinking I’ve failed!!! 

This year, however, I have decided not to set goals or do resolutions still but instead set out my hopes. So these are my hopes for the year, if I don’t achieve them it’s fine as they are hopes only so I won’t feel like I’ve failed but instead will be still hoping that they will happen. 

I hope…..

  1. To have a full time catheter fitted.
  2. To get an electric wheelchair
  3. To have a further weight loss surgery
  4. To keep my blog going and get more followers and subscribers.

They aren’t much, I could put totally unrealistic hopes or ones I’ve no hope of ever happening. These are things that I have been working towards so hopefully they will happen. 

New year’s eve will be a struggle, but I know that when the new year comes I will be in for a massive flare or crash or both as I’ve not been pacing. I have been enjoying the treats which I will stop when it comes to getting back to normal too. Hopefully my bladder spasms will settle and I can learn to manage them better. I’m continuing to learn to use and live with my catheter so that’s going to be interesting as that is going to be what decides if I can have a permanent one. I still want that so that’s why it’s a hope!! My ankles are looking forward to getting back to normal too because they are very very swollen as we’ve not got enough room for me to put my feet up!! 

So I wish you all a happy new year. I hope that you are having a good new years, whatever you are doing. I wish you luck, health and happiness and the ability to deal with whatever comes your way.

So what are your feelings towards New Year’s? Do you love or loathe it, or just ignore it? Are you setting resolutions?? Share with me below……

See you in 2018

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