Why I Still Send Christmas Cards!!

Being disabled becomes isolating, sometimes the only people I have contact with are my mum, dad and carers for sometimes days at a time.  My only other contact can be through a screen with either people I’ve never met, or rarely meet.  It has become even worse with the unspeakable problem because it is harder for me to go out even with friends because I can only go out for a short time or I need changing (hopefully this will not be the case soon but more about that in a different post!!

When sending Christmas cards you don’t expect that someone will send you one back, but you do hope.  Why? Because it is a link to the outside world.  It shows that someone cares enough about you to take the time to write a short card, maybe telling you about something that is going on in their life.  It shows that they’ve been thinking of you, even for a short time.

I feel so sad that people don’t do them any more.  Yes I know that they are an expense, the stamps alone are a lot but there are still people who enjoy getting them.  I know others do too.  I know there are people who donate to charity instead of sending cards, and yes donating is nice, but if you are like me you donate all year round anyway and at Christmas I do even more.  But donating doesn’t show individual people that you have thought about THEM, you haven’t thought about each person and donated a gift on each persons behalf to a charity that they support.  It just seems to me that donating (or worse saying that you will donate and don’t) is just an easy way out for people so that they don’t have to be bothered sending cards.  I could be very wrong, but this is the way it seems to me.

Writing is really difficult for me now, my hands are so bad and my writing looks worse than my 8 year old nieces (and that is an insult to my niece who has beautiful neat writing!!) 

I hate to admit but this is actually neat for me now…..


However I will still spend time writing my cards and try and write a few lines if I can too.  Yes I do send some e-cards, this is 1. because I have a number of friends who live abroad and it’s very difficult to send those and 2. this is another of my donations to charity as I always choose a charity I like who sell e-cards and then give more than the minimum donation for them!! This isn’t to me a cop-out because I still take the time to sit and send them and try and write an email to the people too if I can!!

So whether you call me sentimental or traditional, or even just old fashioned I will be sending some Christmas cards this year.  I will also, like a child, hope that I will get some back and will open each one with a smile.  So please before you decide not to send any cards at all, just stop and think: have you got any friends (or all) for whom receiving a card might just make their day that tiny bit better.  Ask yourself if perhaps someone might enjoy receiving a little note that will show that you are still thinking of them even if just while you are writing and sending it.

So what is your opinion on Christmas cards?  Have you any friends who you think might just appreciate the thought that you have sent them a card?  Will you change and send a card now? Let me know in the comments below.

Too much even for me do you think??? LOL

Image result for giant christmas cards uk

6 thoughts on “Why I Still Send Christmas Cards!!

  1. I’ve always and will always sent Christmas cards. I enjoy taking time picking out personalised cards for my immediate friends and family. It does get a little expensive but cards are so thoughtful and shows that the person is thinking of you. Taking time out to write the card

  2. I love sending christmas cards to the ones closest to me. I just love that you can put lovely little messages and spread some extra holiday cheer. I also bloody love receiving christmas cards because they just put a smile on my face. particularly ones with Robins on the front!

    Hope you’re well!

    Ysabelle x

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