123 flowers for mum!!

Oooo pretty!!!

I was lucky recently to be given the opportunity to review some flowers from 123 Flowers (#123Flowers.co.uk https://www.123-flowers.co.uk/ ) and decided to make them a present for mum who does so much for me.   I received the flowers for free but have not been paid for my review and all the opinions are mine.

I love treating my mum, as my carer she does so much for me and I can’t thank her enough for that but like to treat her as often as I can afford.  Mum loves flowers and so treating her to these is always welcome and my most picked gift, even knowing that I’ve not had to pay for them did not lessen this!!  Bonus all round.  I didn’t choose my bunch I was just sent them so they were a nice surprise when they turned up.  I have to say, having bought a lot of flowers online, the box that they came in was even really nice and they were packed and arrived in really good condition.

 This is the box…

We opened the box and were very happy with the contents, the flowers were so pretty and presented so well.  We got a gorgeous bunch of pink and purple blooms, so ok I know very little about flowers so all I knew was that there were roses and carnations (which admittedly aren’t really our favourites, but in this bunch they really go well and look lovely) but couldn’t have told you what any of the others were.  Mum said there was roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, statice, and pistacia (which is apparently some of the foliage, who knew!!) so being the least green fingered person I have to believe her knowledge!!  She was really happy.  The bunch has been tied and presented beautifully and we got a really lovely little vase with them.  We decided to use a longer vase because the blooms were so well presented we literally didn’t need to do anything with them other than put them in the vase and we would have had to cut them down to go in the vase that came with them.  Trust me when you are as bad at gardening and floral knowledge as me, having to do absolutely nothing to them and being able to display them well without the effort isn’t just nice it’s completely necessary.  Mum is one of those people who could put a bunch of weeds in a vase and they’d look good, me it’s totally the other way around I can take a bunch of flowers and make them look like weeds………I’m literally that bad!!! These flowers were really me proof they were in great condition, presented perfectly to just place in a vase and were a gorgeous bunch.  I would have been really pleased to have paid for this bunch, but to get them for free I have to admit I felt really special and so did mum.

 You got a lovely little card with care instructions on the back (again very much needed if you are as bad with flowers as me!!) and if you wanted a small pop up vase too…..

Our first look at the flowers……

I’m reliably informed that this is a hand tied bunch (I thought they were all hand tied but apparently this is a style of bunch not just that someone tied them up!!)

The bunch (with our lovely dish rack in the back, ok photography is something I’m just learning – note to self  pick a nicer spot or background for photos!!!)

Plant food……as cut flowers don’t last as long in just water!!!

My attempt at an arty shot!!!

The card that came with the flowers

The idiot proof (e.g. me) care instructions!!

The flowers and foliage

More me being arty

The vase that came with the flowers

The vase we decided to use with the one that we got with the flowers (mum loves it but for a shorter or smaller bunch)

The flowers with pride of place on our fireplace….. 

I hadn’t heard of 123flowers.co.uk I have to admit and so I did go over and peek at the website.  I wasn’t disappointed, it looks like a very good website with more lovely great value flowers.  As you might be able to tell, we loved this bunch of flowers!!

I would just like to end with a little reminder that although I received this bunch for free, I have received no payment for this review.  All the opinions are totally my own, and are just my opinion.

13 thoughts on “123 flowers for mum!!

  1. The flowers look really lovely:D I love your photos, especially the “arty shot”:) I’m really bad with plants too, I never know what to do with them except stick them in a vase and then throw them out when they die… But they’re really pretty to look at when they’re fresh like this bunch:D

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