This last week I have been finding very hard to cope with. It’s partly been the 3 different appointments I’ve had, it’s partly been the weather but what has totally floored me has been the cold my gorgeous niece shared with me!! You’d have thought that with all the conditions I have and the fact that I live 24/7 in pain that the common cold would be just a minor annoyance but instead it is a real bugger!! It leaves me with flu like symptoms, aching all over, struggling to do anything and so completely shattered!! Now I’m under no illusions, I know that it is a common cold, I do not have “man flu”!! I think it must just be that my body has got used to my symptoms, used to the pain and fatigue, and so when something else happens like the common cold and like everyone else you get tireder and feel under the weather your body just says enough is enough!! So for me and others with long term conditions it seems that a cold is just that one step too far. I have been struggling to write and so this post has been a week in the making, and forget my crafting because by the evening I cannot keep my eyes open so knitting and anything else have been left and 7pm seems like a late night!!! I don’t think I’ve seen a full episode of anything we’ve watched all week!!!

Another slightly amusing consequence (in a you have to laugh or you’d cry sense) is a rather large spike in my brain fog moments. I have been having increasingly obvious incidences of my brain fog anyway, regularly forgetting my words and zoning out but this is a marked spike. For example the other day I was completing one of my surveys, they often ask you to identify pictures and sound to verify that your sound and vision are working, I saw the image of a dog and heard a moo. In my head I kept repeating see a dog hear a moo, the problem became when the survey presented me with a list of animals for the sound I had heard there was  no moo listed.  But I’d heard a moo I kept saying to myself, it took a good few minutes before I realised that yes actually a cow did go moo!!! Then, yet again, whilst waiting for my little travel kettle to boil to make my coffee this morning (It is getting increasingly hard for me to do this, I only make myself one coffee when I’m up during the night and I have got a small travel kettle and a travel mug but I am struggling to cope) I was struggling to work out what  was wrong with my kettle, it just wouldn’t boil. It was switched on at the wall and everything, however it does help if you turn the switch on too!!! Doh comes to mind, or it would if my brain fog allowed me to find the word!!

So finally today mum and I took ourselves up to the garden centre as we haven’t done anything for a bit. As it was a nice day and my POTS symptoms don’t like the stuffy central heating everyone has on, we decided to sit outside. It was lovely but I think everyone inside must’ve thought we were mad, we were literally the only people outside!! Everyone else was inside and I’m sure they must have been laughing at the silly mad people in the cold, but the joke was on them as it was lovely out there!!! 

So next week I only have one appointment, I’m just hoping that I get over this stupid cold as I’ve got loads of crafting ideas with no chance of doing them!!!

6 thoughts on “Floored!!

  1. Hope you recover from your cold soon. I’ve recently had one that has left me with a chest infection so understand how nasty it can be and how it can wipe out a person.

    Regarding the kettle and the survey incidents – are you noticing lots of things like this happening? It could be nothing but if there are lots of little incidences it might be worth mentioning to your GP at some point.

    1. They happen all the time unfortunately!! I keep saying about my brain fog but just keep getting the “what do you expect me to do about that” look!!! You never know if i start getting too bad they might help!!! Lol!!

  2. I hope you’re feeling a little bit better! Colds can really floor you, it doesn’t even need to be on top of anything else! I remember having a really bad cold, being on my period, and I was also sick, all at the same time. It was awful! I just lived in my bed for 3 days and refused to move except to find food. I’m glad you got out to the garden centre though!

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