One more of the many, many downsides of “the unspeakable problem” (incontinence, see other posts for some of the other problems) for me is the many clothes changes I’m going through at the moment!! If I was rich I have to admit that this would be a big up-side because it would be the perfect excuse to have more outfits than are needed by any normal person.  I could spend thousands on lingerie that would fit the awful pads I have to wear, and would be able to buy clothes to my hearts content.  Furthermore I would be able to afford to buy or have a wonderful wardrobe or changing room to house all these clothes. But unfortunately, for me, that is not an option. I don’t have enough clothes to accommodate the regular, up to, 4 changes of trousers a day.  My mum is washing clothes as often as she can, sometimes once a day. But that’s not enough, and alas this can lead to quite unfortunate clothes combinations. One of these combinations happened today.  As I wasn’t going out it didn’t matter and as my mum has to go upstairs to get my changes of clothes for me I am not, and would not complain about these combinations. Today’s was quite spectacular, two wonderfully clashing patterns and colours made me rather giggle to myself. What do you think??

I can’t say that I’m the height of fashion at the best of times, I’ve always rather been comfy and had my own style than wear something just because fashion dictates. These delightfully funny clashes however will firmly plant me in the eccentric person category rather than chic en vogue, and the sniggers will be aimed towards me!! However I have to say on this one I will be joining in!!!

14 thoughts on “Mismatches!!!

  1. I think it must be very hard, but am glad you still have your sense of humour throughout all of this (honestly hope that doesn’t sound patronising – not meant to).
    And also, who says things are clashing! You can decide to make whole new colour/decorative combinations if you want to…..

  2. I’m sorry you have to go through this, it must be so difficult for you. I think mismatching clothes can work really well and fashion sense is very subjective.

  3. My kids choose mismatched clothes all the time, it is a statement of personality! I am proud to be seen with them πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, that’s quite a bright ensemble but I bet you carried it off no bother at all. The practical and physical side sounds so challenging, and your mum sounds amazing. Good luck.

  5. Your outlook on is it is brilliant keep your chin up and keep smiling. Who is the judge of what goes with what ? Wear what you want it’s the person in the clothes that count

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