Summer days out!!

Firstly I wanted to say that I was totally blown away by your response to my post on “the unspeakable problem”. Far from being unspeakable there was such an outpouring that I was totally in awe of the courage of people out there who, like me are dealing with incontinence everyday/all the time 24/7. People were sharing both with me and each other, I was so humbled by it all. I hope to continue to keep this conversation going by keep sharing with you all my appointments and experiences. I hope that possibly you might like to join me on my journey and if you would, that you might perhaps follow this blog for me. There is no pressure but by following you will get updates so can keep up with the trials and tribulations I will undoubtedly have when I go through whatever treatment I get offered. 

So to today’s blog post, which due to me deciding it was a good idea to do in the middle of the night I have already lost half of!!! Tiredness and phones don’t mix so I deleted a large part of it and couldn’t retrieve it. Moral of the story?? Wait until you’re awake before editing your blog!!!

So anyways we as a family don’t have the best track record with family days out. Whether it’s the weather, arguments, stress and planning something usually happens. Yesterday we decided to go to a pick your own place which isn’t too far away, and yes you guessed it out trip didn’t quite pan out the way we’d planned it!!! Being in a wheelchair usually means that we have to plan very carefully, every detail, we can’t really be spontaneous  (which in my case is a good thing anyway as I cannot cope with last minute plans or changes etc).  We have my 8 year old niece staying with us for 3 days and 2 nights while my sister is at a friend’s wedding. My niece is a fruit fiend, having once had a tantrum in Waitrose not for the usual sweets but instead for an apple, and she’s also an outdoor soul. Great combination we thought for this trip where we could pick some fruit and then have some lunch finishing the day off at the garden centre which is just up the road from the PYO. Hitch no.1 came when we realised 2 days ago that dad had a hospital appointment booked at 11.15am so our morning plan had to change so he could attend. We then decided to go after his appointment, have lunch first then pick the fruit; then afterwards if there was still time we’d go to the garden centre!!! After a fairly successful lunch the family all went off picking and I settled in the sun, with a coffee, to read……

This is the life!!!

But 30 minutes passed when back came the family, with no fruit or veg. The crops were bare!!! No ripe plums or raspberries and so my plan of making jam with our bounty were scuppered and no raspberries for the freezer either. 

So what do you do when you can’t get fruit?? Garden centre for cakes!!!! Lol, ok not healthy but instead of health we went for………..


Hopefully our next trip out will be more successful!!!

21 thoughts on “Summer days out!!

  1. I hope you still had fun despite the faffing around! I am such a planner, so much so that if someone tries to take over my planning I get in such a mood… it’s an issue. haha! The cake would have made my day if it was me! Xxx

  2. Oh dear but at least you got out that is the important thing I am in a wheelchair and the only time I get out is for hydro fortnightly. Next time it will be better. Keep smiling x

  3. Hey Kate, as a mum of 2 boys under 4, I can assure you our outings are far from perfect πŸ˜‚ arguments, tantrums and different agenda are pretty regular but we still love our days out ! Thanks a lot for stopping by and courage my friend, very often things dont go to plan or are less than ideal but life is short and we should still make the best out of them (I tell this to myself as well – easier said than done ..). X

  4. Recently I read so many articles about family trip and trust me each one has one thing common in them, nothing happened the way they planned..but I think that’s the fun part πŸ™‚ In the end you still have a memory to cherish and talk about…

  5. Days out can be chaotic, but don’t stop doing them! My brothers and I were a handful growing up, and my parents definitely kind of stopped bringing us on outings as kids, and it was really tough. Now that we’re adults, we love doing things together an can’t wait til we can go ALL OUT when we have out own kiddos. It’s worth the trouble!

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