Wet days and mobility scooters!! 

When you have a disability you know that things are often not that easy. Almost everything had to be adapted to fit.  One thing I never even considered would be an issue though is rain covers, I mean they have rain covers for prams so why not wheelchairs right (OK so I don’t particularly want a child’s style rain cover but you know what I mean)……wrong!!  Yes if you’re rich you can buy a complete cover for a scooter, picture a greenhouse on a mobility scooter and you’re almost close. But not only would it be boiling hot (not that I can afford one to try) but also its not exactly funky is it?? A mobility scooter isn’t the height of fashion but add what looks like a greenhouse on it and I might as well register for my pension!! The next alternative is a cape, they’re either one that goes over the entire scooter, so you look like a tent with a head on wheels, or just go over you but are longer in the front to go over your knees. Now these are ok in winter as they’re thick and reinforced but in this weather they’re nothing but a sauna. You wouldn’t think that “normal” wet weather gear would be a problem but with those as you are seated the issues are worse. You can go for a Mac where the water runs straight down and you end up with a puddle on your lap, the same for any similar coats. Your legs get wet anyway because you are sat so there is no alternative, unless of course you want to go the full hog and wear waterproof trousers too!!! Again though these are hot and not very fetching!! Umbrellas are pretty much a no no unless you can hold up an umbrella and steer and keep going in some semblance of a straight line, oh and if you’re like me and have issues with your hands holding that up with even a whisp of a breeze is impossible. Don’t even get me started about hoods, as soon as you move with a hood on you blow up like a hot air balloon and it falls down (unless you can plaster it to your face, another great look). 

So basically you’re screwed. You either get a soaking wet lap and head; or you can spend a fortune to get boiling hot looking like a greenhouse on wheels or a tent on wheels!!! Can you guess which I went for?? Yep a soaking lap and a change of clothes when I returned!! Come on mobility suppliers, I cannot be the only younger disabled person who wants to keep dry and look good when I’m out can I??? 

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