“I’m a human of very little brain and technology just scares me!!”

So I wasn’t going to post today thinking that my day of sitting on the sofa, doing nothing apart from watching one of my motorsport loves of Formula 1 was rather uninteresting.  I can’t really say much more than that, I have indeed just been sat today but I thought that I’d still share something with you.

That is that as my title (quite poorly ripped off from Winnie the Pooh) infers, technology scares me.  I used to be able to do a lot, well I used to be able to blag a lot.  I used to fix problems in the department I worked in when I was still able to work, and I have helped my dad out when he used to work within an IT section.  Never though did the phrase “use it or lose it” apply more.  I simply didn’t have the need or desire to keep going with this computer lark.  When I was still working I helped to design an intranet site for the company but this was more about my creativity and less about my skills, letting other more technical people help me whenever I needed it.  So when I wanted to start a blog my brain went to overdrive, how on earth was I supposed to do this when I still have to ask my dad what error messages mean on my computer and I am still getting to grips with Facebook and what it does!!!  I can’t say that it’s been easy.  I still have very few followers, and am struggling to gain more as a lot of the groups that I’m members of have a no blog sharing policy on them (which I only found out after being told that I shouldn’t be posting, even though I read rules I often don’t understand the nuances of what “external sites” means and other little loopholes).  I had been sharing away hoping that people were reading my musings and hoped that people would follow me and I’d be able to hopefully start sharing reviews of places and equipment to help others.  The group bans on sharing has meant that my visibility has dropped and to be honest I’ve become very disheartened again thinking that no one is reading.  I have however decided to keep going, I want to try as at the moment having very little going in my life I want to at least say that I gave it a really good go.  So I have done a little bit of research, not as much as I’d like yet, but my brain can only take small chunks at a time so without going into full melt down mode so I will be drip feeding my learned skills (which knowing me will be unlearned as quickly as water running through a colander) into my blog as and when I find useful things.  The first things I have done are:
1) Added sharing buttons to my page so hopefully, if you so wish, you can share any of my posts straight to your own Facebook or Twitter or various other social media pages.  Ooo get me hey!!!!
2) I have added a link so my posts will be shared directly to my own Facebook and Twitter accounts so that I don’t have to remember each time to manually go in and share each one.
3)  I have set up a new Facebook group where I want to share my posts, however this is where my technology problems have again meant that it’s not quite worked out right.  I’ve not worked out how (or if it’s even possible) to share directly to this page.  The idea is that, more so than my own Facebook account, a group will be viewable to everyone and so hopefully I can attract followers that way.  If anyone knows if this is possible to do I would very much appreciate them commenting below and helping me as I cannot find out what to do.  It may be that I am overestimating what Facebook allows or that I’m just being blind but I cannot find this.  Also if anyone knows how to share to Instagram I’d be grateful for the help because I’ve had an Instagram blog for a while and I would like to also be able to share these posts with my followers on there.  At the moment I’ve been going in and manually sharing with Instagram, if there is a way to share automatically any help would be gratefully received.  I am going to continue with my Instagram blog too because I find that good for the very short posts that I sometimes want to share!!

So my post again has become a mini essay when I started out to write a short post.  My technology problems struck again half way through writing and I lost a load so I think perhaps I’ve been going too long!!  I shall sign off now as I want to have another go at the box I started a long time ago and only got the top done (with the hot weather and high pressure affecting me I’ve not been able to do any this week).

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