When you realise your scooter isn’t even as fast as walking!!!

So yesterday was a bad day. Seems the pressure and thunder affects me more than I thought and whilst in Waitrose I almost blacked out and also was feeling terribly seasick with my POTS. However it’s the funny ish moment that happened after that I’d like to share with you today!!!

Mum and I were walking down the high street when thunder was heard and was so loud it was also felt. My mum jumped out of her skin. I HATE thunder. I’m petrified of it. If I could I would still go into my parents bed and shake as I used to do but at 38 and disabled this isn’t really feasible anymore. However we were outside so I wasn’t particularly happy. However as it wasn’t raining we carried on planning to continue shopping. Lulled into this false sense of security we didn’t go into the shopping centre at the nearest entrance. Big mistake!! BIG spots of rain started falling so we started to speed up, but within seconds the heavens had opened and saw shoppers diving for cover in the nearest shop doorways. Being on my scooter I can’t really do this without making shopkeepers angry for blocking their door and knocking others out of the way!!! Split second decision we decided that the shopping centre was out best bet. Mum started running and I floored (or whatever you do to a mobility scooter) my scooter, mmm I thought this really isn’t going too fast. Mum told me not to wait for her, but unfortunately my scooter didn’t go any faster!!! I was desperately willing it to go faster while OAP’s children and other shoppers are fleeing past giving me very strange looks trying to work out if I actually liked getting wet or I was just  stupid getting wet while driving a scooter!!! Nope I was neither 4mph is simply not as fast as fleeing shoppers!!!

Now I’m not saying that I want to be going fast enough to be a speed demon leaving a trail of destruction begin me while speeding down the high street, but I did expect that I should be at least as fast as my mum jogging. What I didn’t expect was that whilst driving full pelt I’d be overtaken by OAP’s, children and anyone and everyone else!!! I have to have a collapsible scooter because it has to go in my dad’s car and I can’t afford to get my own car even on motability because I can’t afford my rent or anything then. I do really need an electric wheelchair because my hands struggle to use the controls on my scooter, I need more back support and I cannot self propel now. But even electric wheelchairs don’t have a particularly fast top speed either. But I think that most mobility vehicles are designed with older people in mind, and because you cannot go too fast on pavements. However I think they forgot that when it’s raining you want to be able to dash for cover, not pootle along getting soaked, lol!!! I also think the part of me that likes f1 and motorsport etc is very disappointed that I can’t eek that little extra speed out of it by coaxing the controls, nope 4mph is the top top speed and that’s it!!! Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton have nothing to worry about, even the faulty McLaren engine could lap me many many times over probably I could do one lap in the time they’d have finished!!! Ok maybe not quite, but they could even beat me walking round a track!!! 

Typically after getting soaked I decided a pac-a-mac would be a good idea, bought one and emerged from the shopping centre to the sun trying to break through the clouds and no rain in sight!!! Oh well next time it might come in handy!!!

2 thoughts on “When you realise your scooter isn’t even as fast as walking!!!

  1. I am sorry but in some ways i had a little giggle at all the OAP’s dashing past (in a sea of blue rinses, Zimmer frames and headscarves) while the scooter trundles along!!!! Of course, as you know, I am not laughing at your expense!!!!!

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