Not your average mother daughter outing!!

A post about my blood test traumas so please don’t read if you don’t like reading about that!!!

So a few weeks ago I had a batch of blood tests. Not too bad for most people, but our local surgery has recently stopped taking blood and the phlebotomists there have been the only ones, for years, that have been able to get blood out of my completely useless veins. I had to go to the hospital where thankfully the phlebotomist that used to be at the surgery was, and thanks to my extremely high pulse rate thanks to my stress and POTS I did (for the first time ever) manage 7 phials in one go. So you can imagine my thoughts when I got a phone call last week asking me to go again for, thankfully, one more test!!! Mum (who is my carer) and I decided to go on Monday again, as we had last time, because it had been quite quiet then. Imagine our surprise though when on Saturday mum got a letter from her GP asking her to have a blood test too, oooo mother and daughter outing for blood tests, boy do we know how to live!!!

We got to the hospital AND to our surprise no-one was there at all waiting do we went straight in!!! Again my relief when it turned out to be the phlebotomist from my GP’s surgery was emense.  Mum went first as they don’t have a problem getting blood out of her. She finished and held the cotton wool on for a few moments then thought it’d stopped so she said she wouldn’t bother with tape!! BIG mistake, few seconds later she had blood dripping down her arm!! Lol we have me that is near impossible to get blood out of  (my veins at least) and mum who you can’t get to stop bleeding!!! Mum was cleaned up and it was my turn, took a few mins but she found a vein, however as usual and despite only needing one phial my vein started collapsing as soon as she struck it. Thankfully a lot of massage on it and the one tube dripped to full enough!! Ouch, got a nice dark bruise (but nowhere near the worst I’ve had) to show for my troubles!!! 

So my mum and I really know how to live right!!?? The effort of going there in the heat and back and my body was protesting BIG time so as soon as I was back home I was lead out on the couch trying my hardest to keep cool again with an icepack on my back and copious amounts of water being supplied by my ever wonderful mum!!! I struggled to even move without my pulse rate soaring and sweat dripping off me. But let’s hope that the blood test was the last for at least a few weeks!!! 

2 thoughts on “Not your average mother daughter outing!!

  1. Bless you both. I’m mum and me and daughter live at a&e it’s becoming our main residence. At least once per week for one department or another. I also take mum 86yr old to her appts.
    I can’t remember a week without appointments x

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