I know you’re going to get bored of me but I wanted to share a purchase with you!!!

Ok ok I know too many posts, but I really want to make a go of this and need to be seen to do that!!!

My first purchase arrived today so I wanted to share it with you. Let’s talk shoes. Every girls dream right??? Not mine, I’m the first one to admit that I’ve never been your typical girl, I love my motor sport and football, and used to do karate etc. I’ve never had the compulsion to have hundreds if pairs of shoes and a fancy cupboard to house them in, but since having heavy ankle splints it’s been an absolute nightmare to find any shoes to fit and that look ok with them. I have lived in my skechers as they’re comfy and look good and stretch over the splints. However despite never particularly wanting loads of shoes I have found myself wanting to find some that look good and aren’t trainers but that don’t cost the earth!!! I have tried countless larger extra wide shop bought brands but to no avail. They just didn’t go over the bulky splints. Now being in a wheelchair you’d probably say why do I need my splints on but no.1 I can’t use my wheelchair in the house currently so I have to use my sticks or crutches to get in and round, which would mean that I would have to wear one pair of shoes to get out of the house then one in my chair only to change back again after. I could see the logic in doing this only getting shoes on and off is a rather laborious challenge that often requires 10 minutes rest after and needs my mum’s help and that brings me to no.2 reason. No.2 reason is that my ankles are one of the most unstable joints I have. They are so loose that they wobble when I walk and they swell to such epic proportions that the splints at least keep it at bay a little (although occasionally I have to take them off as the swelling gets so much that it cuts my circulation off).

Anyways so with no alternative other than to wear my splints the search was on to find some shoes. I found, after a lot of research, my only option was the specialist shoe places that sell shoes in sizes past an EEE fit. Yikes, expensive and old people’s shoes came to mind. Well I have to say this is the case for a lot of them, the phrase I often say to people is apt here “I’m disabled not old.” I think that some companies have forgotten that just because we are disabled doesn’t mean we don’t care about what we look like. I searched through pages of shoes that my 98 year old grandma would have loved and was balking at the cost I would have to pay for the “pleasure” of wearing them. Not likely. Until I came across widerfitshoes.co.uk now I’m not pretending that all the shoes on here weren’t exactly the same as the others but they had a few that I liked and looked like ones I could get before my splints. There were some that I couldn’t justify spending on but I then found a pair of canvas pumps, on sale and with V.A.T off for disabled in the widest sizes, and hurrah they went up to the epic size (6-8 extra wide) to accommodate my splints. I could have cried, I ordered them on the spot and was so happy I even didn’t mind the delivery charge (something which I have my own little rant about on many an occasion) because the discount off AND V.A.T relief meant I paid the price they were to start with (if that makes sense, I apologise because my brain is still completely addled with this heat)!!! Anyways they came yesterday and joy of joys fit, and even have room for my feet to swell without cutting off my circulation. They’re soft and feel so light I might have been wearing slippers. They’ve got elastic “laces” allowing for extra stretch and elastic side panels to fit better over my splints. I’m so pleased.

So what do you think, and please excuse the ultra white tree stumps I call legs!!???


3 thoughts on “I know you’re going to get bored of me but I wanted to share a purchase with you!!!

  1. They look nice. I agree with your comment of being disabled and not old! I hope the shoes are comfy for you

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